Wednesday, October 31


Happy Halloween!  Hagen is celebrating his first Halloween by flying to Texas!  Hopefully we'll get to go trick-or-treating in TX!  (Hey, babies are for getting their parents candy on Halloween... right??)  To get you in the mood to celebrate, here are a few pre-halloween fun pictures!!

Captain America to the rescue....Kittlesby wanted to get in the action too!!

We were going to a friends Halloween party PAST my bedtime... but I still am a cute Captain America!

This is so much fun!!
And then we had some fun putting Hagen in his 36 lb. pumpkin!!  It weighed more than him!!  If only I had a nice DSLR camera and good lighting... but we did our best with what we had!!  I still think they came our pretty cute!  Thanks Pinterest for the idea!

What... are you guys sure??

Where am I sitting?? 

Ok, I think this is fun!  Hi mom and dad!!

"So big" inside the pumpkin!


Mom wishes this wasn't blurry 'cuase I look cute here!!

Wherever you find yourselves for Halloween, we hope you have a safe and fun time.  For all of those whose Halloween is without power and very wet(or snowy), please be extra safe!  And don't forget to turn on your lights and have the candy bowl filled so you can see all the cute kids who come to your door!  (To be honest, I'm sad that's the part we have to miss... Maybe we can get candy and give it to adults/kids at the hotel that walk by!  HAHAHA)

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