Tuesday, October 19

Ahh, the joys of days off...

So as I sit here in silence (rare for me to do, I tend to like noise) I feel like things are starting to fall into place.  As you know moving takes FOREVER to get settled in to a new house.  You have to find new niches for everything.  You try it one way, and realize it totally doesn't work having it there, and you rearrange it multiple times before you settle on it's permanent location.  Well, although our house is no where near being settled, we are making progress.  I feel confident in saying that our shed is ALMOST 100% done.  I think we have some minor adjustments that will happen over time, but things are mostly organized into their space that for right now is really working for us (now I just have to put back all of the tools I've had out to hang stuff).  So yes, as you can tell, I have been a handy man, and so has my husband.  We have purchased a few items, shelves, etc. that are helping us to get organized.  Our office has been in shambles since we've moved in.  Piles of crap, then those piles of crap got organized into smaller more organized piles of crap, then they soon became specific piles of crap, then they started to not look like crap anymore because we actually knew what things were.  Although at the current moment, we don't have the organizational tools for our office to be complete and all organized and PRETTY, we at least have things mostly organized in that room.  I spent ALL day getting it done.  What a great feeling that is to accomplish something that has been looming over your head for so long! 

Here is a picture of my almost finished work:  (It's finished now, I just haven't taken a picture yet.  The silver edging is now black!) 

 And it's in perfect timing, my in-laws are coming this weekend to bring us more CRAP!  HAHA!  We certainly are excited to see them, as well as good family friends who are joining them in the trek out this way, and of course we get our puppy back!  I am a little nervous that we will have to totally re-train her.... more on Kittlesby later in case you are curious... She's a special dog!  Another thing is that our pictures have finally been posted from our wedding day. 

In case you're interested:  
password: Zaffke

Seeing them feels like we're moving on.  We'll soon be able to order pictures... (the ones we've already paid for of course.  I love you Kate and think your work is amazing, but I don't know if we are able to afford some enlargements... that's a bit high for our budget!)  Which means our picture frames will soon have pictures of the two of us, and OUR families, not just me and my world pre-wedding.  That to me says, we are finally becoming a couple.  I mean, we are, but I think sometimes it's weird learning to share everything, having two lives become one is a bit of a dance, and sometimes I don't feel like I'm actually married... weird, again, more on that later!  

So basically a lot got done today, and I feel like things are starting to fall into place in our house and with us as a couple.  We will continue to do lots of rearranging, hopefully in our marriage we're always looking for ways to improve as husband and wife, but I hope that we also learn to settle in.  I like when things have a place to go, I like working hard all day and knowing I accomplished things, and most of all I like crawling into bed at night with my husband, snuggling up next to him and excited for what tomorrow will bring for us individually and as a couple (even if that is going to work...)

Wednesday, September 22

New Beginnings...

So as I am sitting here, my husband is upstairs playing on his computer. It is comforting to know he is here, even if we aren't interacting. Today has been a good day which is great because the past couple of days have been really rough. I had a job interview for a very part time job at a paint your own pottery store in Annapolis. Side note: I LOVE Annapolis! It is a really beautiful little city. If we are going to be out east for a while, I would like to someday move to this city! History, the bay, lots of dogs being walked, cute local stores.... ok I'll stop. Long story short, I GOT THE JOB! I will only get a few hours a week, but I am needing someplace to get out of the house and REALLY needing some extra money to pay off our astronomical bills! Oh the joys of marrying our debt! My interview was at 10am, they called at 11am and offered the job and I start on Friday. It sounds like it is going to be lots of physical labor, but something right up my ally- even if it is VERY part time! So I also was bumming about not subbing or having a job, and after coming home from my JOB offer, I get an envelope in the mail from a school district that has an application in there for subbing! Now an amazing story is that every other district in the area fills up their subbing positions the first week of August... boo wedding date we chose! So this post is to say that a woman who months ago had a very reliable job, days ago was freaking out that I would never have a job again, to now getting some leads to some work. Although, not quite the same as being in my own classroom, God knows just what we need to get by! AND, this allows me more time to spend with my husband since I won't be working ALL the time. So here I go to make dinner for us and to sneak upstairs and give him a kiss! What a great thing to be able to do!