Friday, October 26

Halloween Photo Update!

Doesn't look too big from this angle and with The Mr. carving the top off...

Ohhhh, what's THIS stuff??  Cool... can I really touch it?

Are you SURE mom???  This looks like sooo much fun!!

Oh, it IS so much fun!  I LOVE being messy!!!

I'm SOO big that I am allowed to make a mess!!

Look! All the goo is in the bucket which makes it EASIER for me to grab and squeeze

Seriously, SOO much fun!

It gets everywhere!  Mom's going to have fun cleaning up after me!  Who cares, I'm having so much fun especially since she and dad were telling me to make a mess!!

Well, it took so long we didn't get to carve it yet, but let's see if I fit... here I am standing in it!

And here I am sitting in it!  Yep, I'll fit!  Can't wait for this weekend so we can finish carving!  I'll share more pics of the finished product soon!!!  Halloween is so much fun!  


  1. I love these pictures. I didn't think the pumpkins was all that large until he sat in it.


  2. Yes it was a 36 lb. pumpkin!! Wait till you see the pictures I'm putting up on Halloween, then you'll see how big it really is!! Thanks for leaving a message!