Sunday, January 27

We made it to Texas

I will start trying to update you on our lives a little better, but it's so hard to do when life is go, go, go!  I don't want to miss out on all of the fun things, yet still trying to get the necessary stuff done is hard to find time for personal reflection time (Besides squeezing in prayer while taking a shower, going to the bathroom, on your way to yell at your child to get out of the dog food!)  But I know that SOME of you would enjoy reading more posts (yes, I do realize this includes only my mother-in-law and my own mother... but I consider that SOME of you...) so I am going to try to squeeze in a few minutes every week to reflect on happenings in our world.  This post is going to be an index of posts to come, a brief intro to what I will fill you in more on (with photos) throughout the coming weeks (after we get a little more unpacked and organized!!)
Because I can't leave you without ONE cute picture of Hagen!  

*We celebrated Hagen's birthday with some very dear friends in Maryland before we left.
* We left Maryland on December 18th, and drove 24 hours to MN through a snowstorm to celebrate Christmas with The Mr's clan.
*We went to my clan to celebrate New Years.
* We had a very lovely 1st Birthday party for Hagen that BOTH grandparents got to be at, and half of his aunts and uncles!
*We left for Texas on January 7th and got to spend some time with Hagen's aunt and uncle in northern Texas.
* We got to our hotel on the 9th, and The Mr. had to go to work on the 10th!!
*Living out of a hotel really blows!!!
*We spent Hagen's real first birthday in the ER!!
*We closed on our house on Thursday night (the 17th)
*We got the keys to our house late afternoon on Friday (the 18th)
*Our stuff was delivered on Monday (the 21st)
*We have been unpacking and trying to find order in our house (THAT WE LOVE!!!!!)
*We have spent some time sightseeing with the help of my godmothers
*We fostered a dog for a week and decided to adopt her just yesterdays, so we are officially a 2 dog family now!!

So, yep... we are crazy!  If you want to hear more about any of our adventures check back in the next few weeks for some pictures and fun adventures!  To summarize, we are doing well and adjusting to life in Texas!  We miss friends and family, but are excited for all that we get to experience in this great BIG state!

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