Thursday, October 25

Type A...

I never want to be so regimented that we can't
enjoy spur of the moments like these
to hang out with great friends, but I do want to
be more consistent for Hagen!
I have never considered myself a Type A personality.  I tend to be more free spirited.  Especially when it comes to scheduling.  I like to make lists, yes... but I don't do much beyond the actually writing.  It's like I try to be Type A by making the list, but then my free spirit takes over and I no longer want to do what my list says.  Maybe that is what you call lazy, but I'll still describe it as free spirited.  Anyway, I feel like my free spirit gets me in trouble sometimes... mainly eating.  I forget to eat.  Please tell me I'm not the only one with this problem!  I'll get started doing something, having fun (or just get into it-cleaning toilets isn't necessarily fun but I can get into it...) and forget to eat.  Then several hours later I'm starving, and am so hungry that I don't want to eat.  With breast-feeding Hagen I have been trying to do better at the whole eating thing.  And I did for a long time.  I don't know if it's the stress of the move/military situation or what, but I've fallen back into my old habits.  And yes, while I'm constantly breast-feeding Hagen, sometimes it's easy for me to forget to feed him 'real' food.  No, I don't starve him, I just have to make a conscious effort to remember that it's time to eat!  And I'm admitting that somedays are harder than others.  Today was a VERY hard day for me, so I decided to be Type A and make myself a list.  I planned out my day.

I did this for me.  But I did it for Hagen too.  I never want to be so regimented that there is no room for give, but I do think that it would be good to have somewhat of a schedule for Hagen; they say it is easier for babies.  SO I'm going to TRY hard to stick with with!  I'm writing this so that I have it in writing and people can ask me how it's going, what we did for our morning activities and what Hagen ate for snack, so that I can be held accountable! Now I say this right at the cusp of our life being super hectic!!  2 weddings in 3 weeks (2 brothers are getting married-both out of state), and then a possible move-oh and of course the holidays/Hagen's first birthday all right around the same time!  So I know that I'm not going to be perfect, probably skipping things here and there.  I figure if I get started now, write it down, it will help keep some continuity in our life as we spend so much time traveling!  Ok, here is the rough outline of our day!  (sorry if this totally bores you... it's more for me that for you, but maybe someone can find some inspiration in this post...)
We love sitting on the potty!!  (Especially if we
get to play with toys!!)

7:30am: Wake up, breast-feed, change diaper, put on house outfit, play time while I start laundry and cook breakfast.

8:00am:  Breakfast, play time while I clean up breakfast mess, then morning activities like "Ball Roll", story time and finger songs, and a new activity I found called "body stickers" where I stick stickers to him and find it on different body parts and he has to pull off!
Activities like taking pictures to send to family
members for their birthday!!

9:30am:  Breast-feed, then a snack while I get ready for the day (he LOVES mum-mums!), then Hagen sits on potty, changes diaper and gets dressed for the day too!

10:00am:  Outdoor morning activities, like pushing his stroller outside, bubbles, play at the park, and then indoor activities like looking at the family photo book, crawl and chase, "In and out" (Hagen's favorite right now!!), etc.  Free play while I make lunch.

11:30am:  Eat lunch-I eat too!!!!!  Free play while I clean up!

12:00pm: Change diaper, breast-feed and Nap time!

3:00??pm: (IF I'M THAT LUCKY!!) Sit on potty, Breast-feed and snack, then afternoon activities like rhymes and songs, finding opposite words (i.e. loud and soft), walks, window tape (our other favorite: I put tape to the window and Hagen has to peel it off), story time, coloring/painting, etc.

5:00pm: Diaper change, breast-feed, free play while I make dinner.

5:30pm: Dinner, free play while we clean up, then evening activities!  Rough housing with Daddy is always a must, and showing daddy any new tricks/words/etc. we learned during the day is also another must!  Then new activities.  (I really want to get him blocks 'cause I think he'll really like knocking them down!)

Hagen asleep after our walk home from Choir Practice, all ready for bed!
7:00pm: put pj's on and go to choir practice
9:30pm: Breast-feed, read story, sing song and go to bed!

7:30pm: Bath, Diaper, pj's, medicine(seriously his favorite part!  I should really get a video of how excited he gets when he sees his medicine bottle-I do mean vitamins when I say medicine...) then Breast-feed while The Mr. reads a story and we sing our bedtime song.

Phew... bored?  Sorry!  We do a lot of stuff already, but breakfast had been anywhere from 6am-10am.... I really need to be more consistent for Hagen's sake!!  Also, The Mr. didn't get home until 7,8, 9, or 10pm in the past, so dinner was also not at a set time.  I think he SHOULD be more consistently home by 6 (or so I'm REALLY hoping) so we can eat dinner earlier!  Again, I know I will not be perfect, but I'm going to try to eat really close to these set times.  I'm going to try to find new activities so Hagen gets a good mixture of "new skills".  Thanks to pinterest I've found some new ones that I'm excited to try out this week! If you have ideas for a 9 month old I'd LOVE to hear them!!!  Also, don't forget to hold me accountable!  I really need it!! Have a good week.  I better get to bed since I'm getting up in 5 hours!!

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