Saturday, March 5

We're having a GIRL!

Well, it's been almost 2 years since I touched my blog.

Here's how the anatomy ultrasound/gender reveal went down:

Woke up at 5:45am with Hagen crawling into my bed telling me he's going to get his snow pants on and play in the snow. I told him he needed to wait.

We laid in bed until 7 when Henry woke up. The Mr. slept up till then, but I did not. So I asked The Mr. to get up with the boys and feed them breakfast while I slept. I didn't sleep, but I did lay in bed for another hour. Then I got up and showered.

9:40 am we left the house. Our appointment was at 11:10 (which I had double checked on multiple occasions). With the snow I didn't know how traffic would be so we allowed ourselves LOTS of extra time. We were taking the boys to our friends house to play. She was super wonderful about watching the boys! They live about 25 minutes away from us, so we were giving ourselves lots of padding. After getting the boys in the car we headed out.

9:50AM we are stopped at the first red light out of our house (2 minutes away). I pulled out my planner to double check AGAIN what time it was. Paranoid much? Well... I'm thankful I was! I read 10:10... WHAT????????? The light turned green and I went straight instead and pulled into the doctors office parking lot. We talked about our options. Go home, I get the other car and The Mr. delivers the boys THEN comes to the ultrasound... missing most of it. OR... the boys come with us. After a small fit by Hagen, who was VERY excited to see his friends from TX, we talked (bribed) him into going, being good and THEN getting to play with his friends and going to Chick-Fil-A for lunch...

We weren't sure kids were even allowed, as they ARE NOT on base in TX! But we just walked in like nothing was out of the ordinary and that we wanted them there! HA!

Got into the room. Hagen was SOOO excited to know when they were going to tell him he was having a baby sister! HA! Baby Bug was super uncooperative in allowing the sonographer  (Sp??) to get the images of head/brain/spine/heart, etc. It took a lot longer than planned. They boys were super good for the first 30/45 minutes. Then they started to get antsy! We finally hooked Hagen up with something on Netflix, and that allowed The Mr. to focus on Henry. I was looking at the boys and the lady said, "well he's right, she's a little girl". I was NOT prepared for that! I thought she was still looking at the spine. I had taken my eyes off the monitor for a bit so didn't know she had changed. Hagen was engrossed in tv and The Mr. was keeping Henry occupied. I said, what??? She repeated and said she's definitely a girl! I made sure Hagen and The Mr. heard. Then we all watched as she told us how she knew without a doubt that she was a girl! I was SHOCKED!!! I had an inkling that she might be a girl, but I REALLY was hoping for another boy and only referred to bug as a boy! HA! Hagen was SUUUUPER excited!

We finished up the ultrasound. The boys came with me to the bathroom. We went back and waited for the doctor to talk with us/look at the images. She said SHE was doing well that there were no indications of anything out of the ordinary. Nothing that would warrant more frequent ultrasounds at this point. And she told us she was measuring in at weighing 11oz. so everything looks good with our July 21st due date!

It was not how I pictured the day going. But I actually REALLY enjoyed having the boys there with us at the ultrasound and it was kind of fun to have the tech just tell us there and to be able to see images!! I'm getting really excited about the thought of having a little girl now, which really surprises me. I think SHE will be a wonderful addition. I am really looking forward to seeing Hagen as a big brother to a little sister. And Henry just being a big brother will be fun! I can't believe how our family and growing and changing, but it is soo amazing and I take NONE of it for granted and give thanks to GOD daily that it is all going they way it is! A miracle!