Wednesday, June 13

We made it!

Although I wasn't the best at taking pictures on 
our trip, it sure was fun and so great seeing everyone that we did.  We know we missed some of you, and that makes me a little sad, but I'm trying to think of it as "next time!".  Here are a few pictures from the rest of our time with the Z's! 
Playing in my new excersaucer!  And talking to The Mr. on the phone.  Felt like that is all we did, and I don't want to talk on the phone ever again.  (Those of you who know me, know I'm not very good at talking on the phone anyway...)

 Trying to capture his beautiful nose in profile!  I got to enjoy sleeping in the same bed with him the WHOLE trip!  (It is a bit of an adjustment for him getting back into the idea of sleeping alone in his crib again!)


More talking on the phone with dad!  I held the phone (and tried to eat it) really well!

Look, he's Norwegian!  Grandpa Z (far-far -I'm trying to get it to stick...) wore it in the parade where he was titled Honorary Norwegian!

Overall, it was a ton of fun and hard to say goodbye again... but we were on our way to AR!  I normally took the drive in one day... Hagen and I split it up into 2.  As stated in my previous post we stayed in a hotel.  We stayed in a Super 8, and it was the nicest Super 8 I've ever stayed in!  I was spoiled as the next Super 8 we stayed in was lacking by far in comparison!  

Anyway, here are the FEW pics I took in Arkansas!

We got up early and went to both the Lexa and Marvell Worship services.  Only got a pic at the Lexa church, as I was far to busy hugging everyone at the Marvell church (not that I didn't hug people at Marvell, but as you can tell there weren't that many people there...)  It was great to worship with my old church again.  I sure do miss the choir (who knew I'd miss directing, when I still remember the day Miss Barbie said I'd be the new choir director.  I laughed and thought it was a funny joke, till I realized she wasn't joking...)


Hagen at El Canaveral... THE mexican restaurant in Helena with the BEST salsa ever!!  It was his FIRST time in a high chair!  He did pretty well!  Then there is Julian in the tractor (or combine or whatever you call awesome farm machinery these days...)  He called me out to see if I wanted to watch him harvest wheat.  I thought I was going to sit on the trunk of my car and watch him go round and round!  I was WRONG!  I got to sit INSIDE the cab!!  SUPER COOL!!!


A couple of Ms. Emily holding the sweet thing!  It sure was SUPER nice of them to let us invade their house.  And I do mean invade.  If you ever travel with a 4 month old for a MONTH, you take a lot of stuff, and accumulate a lot more stuff along the way!  (I'm still trying to unpack and we've been back almost 5 days now...)


Then we have Miss M!  One of the sweetest girls I know... there are a couple in the area, but I only got pics with this sweet one!  When I first saw these kiddos my jaw dropped.  They are little adults!  They were LITTLE kids when I left!  Hagen won't grow that fast, will he???  See, look at his smile... don't grow up baby boy!!!  (Ok, you can, I will enjoy you at every age, but I just can't believe you are growing so fast!!!)

Horrible picture, but I figured I'd take one of the road... since A WHOLE WEEK was spent driving!  My kid is the world's greatest trooper!!!  He did so well right up till we hit DC RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC!!!!  2 hours of extra sitting, after sitting for 2 hours already.  Dirty diaper, hungry, sick and tired of sitting in his car seat, not moving and worst of all, sun was shining directly on him through the rear window.  Nothing I could do for my screaming baby, as we weren't even going fast enough to get off at the next exit. (even if I did, we'd just be stuck in more traffic till I could find somewhere to pull off!)  I could have done without those last two hours!!  We called The Mr. and had him navigate us to the nearest restaurant where he could meet us.   


What a GLORIOUS site it was to see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Look, they even dressed alike!!

It was a really great trip, but it has been nice to get back.  It has been a bit of a rough transition.  I still have stuff in suitcases, I have stuff thrown all over the ground as I attempted to find things in said suitcases.  I (or rather The Mr.) has done tons of laundry, but still have more laundry to catch up on.  So needless to say our house is a disaster.  Hagen is not used to sleeping in his crib so nap times and night time is NOT consistent (5 minutes here, 3 hours there... you know...).  On top of the mess and craziness I still have homework, and let me tell you the class I am currently in is INTENSE!  (No not as intense as The. Mr's, but for an associates degree it is VERY time consuming!  We are slowly making our way to recovery from the trip.  I miss seeing everyone, but it is good to be back!

Well, I'm done with my homework for the night, and I'm showered (big accomplishment) so I'm going to hit the hay BEFORE 2am tonight!  We have our 4 month appointment tomorrow (had to be pushed back due to our trip), so we will see how vaccines go this round.  Thanks to a good friend, I am able to have help with shots as well as I am squeezing in a doctor appointment for myself as well!  YAY??  Wish us luck!!


Saturday, June 2

Hotel Awesome? Hotel gross?

As I lay here in my King size bed with Hagen dead center, so as not to roll off, I ponder if I really like hotels or not.  There is something magical about staying in a hotel.  But at the same time, you think of all the people that have stayed there, and what they have done.  It's like totally gross and totally awesome at the exact same time!  We started our trek towards Marvell today.  It was hard to say goodbye to Minnesota and our families, knowing Hagen will probably be crawling before they get to see him again.  I'm trying hard not to dwell on the missing them part and just enjoying the memories of our time together part.

OK, no deep thoughts except to share how cute Hagen is laying here sound asleep next to me holding onto his giraffe... Wish you could all crawl into our King Size bed with us and ponder if Hotels are awesome or just gross!  I'm going to think they are awesome as I fall asleep wishing The Mr. could be with us!