Wednesday, May 30

Half way home

Well, Hagen and I are now about at the midpoint of our journey.  It has been fabulous to spend so much time with family and friends, but we are ready to be home with The. Mr, and our routine and our things.  I will give a brief picture update of our trek so far.

I got my hair cut and colored as a birthday present from my parents!!  I definitely feel like a new woman!  I have my 12 inches in a pony tail waiting to be mailed off to Locks Of Love.  (Maybe I should do that now and have one less thing to travel with...


Hagen got to meet his Great Grandpa and Great Grandma where he got his name from.  I have better pictures from our family get together, but those are still on my camera.  I'll eventually post about out family get together! It was AMAZING!
Cousin T and Hagen got to hang out!  Look, they're so excited they're... sleeping!


Auntie S. got to meet Hagen for the first time!  AWW!!!  She's a proud mommy of her own, but I have to say she looks pretty good wearing the title of Auntie!!  This next picture of cousin T, Hagen and Grandpa (we are still wondering what the boys will call him, so for now... Grandpa) is taken right after the boys FIRST bath together!  It was so much fun to watch the boys together!  It is times like those that I realize how much they might miss out on living so far away from each other.  As a military wife who will move a lot though, I can't dwell on those missed moments, but rather truly cherish the ones we get.  I will have to figure out how to steal photos from my parents camera since I was busy holding a very slippery, wet baby during the process.  But know, it sure is a moment I will never forget (Sadly the boys will probably have no memory of it when they get older, but HOPEFULLY they will get more opportunities to cherish themselves with each other!)


S. got all the ladies together for a night out on the town!  We all got manicures and pedicures!  It sure was fun just to be girly together!  We even had champaign poured for us!  With all that Grandma Dorcy does for her family and our Papa, she was very deserving of a little pampering!  I believe it was her first time with this experience.  (Same with my mom and aunt, and probably my sister too!)  It is fun to see all the hands that have influenced my life and all the stories those hands are a part of!  Then on Sunday at our family get together, we celebrated Cousin T's 1st birthday!  S. made the cake WITHOUT a mold!!!  It is pretty darn fantastic! I think she could go into business!  T. was the neatest cake eater I've ever seen!  Again, hard with moments like those to not dwell on what we miss, but trying to cherish them instead!  We sure missed The Mr. though!  It is hard when one member of the family is absent for a family get together that everyone else is a part of!

Hagen found his toes!!  That has been a fun new skill and we sure can't wait for The Mr. to see it in person!!


Then on Transition day from the H's to the Z's, were had an opportunity for both grandparents to be with Hagen at the same time.  Hagen with his Grandmas and Hagen with his Grandpas!  Pretty cool if you ask me!  Hopefully we'll get these opportunities every year to take grandma and grandpa pics!


There, Hagen with BOTH grandparents!  Then Hagen got to meet his Great Grandma Z.  If Hagen had been a girl, he would have been named after her!  We'll leave it a surprise in case we ever have a girl.  (I suppose it's only a surprise to a select group of people...)


Then we had a 3 generation picture.  Just missing The Mr. to make it a 4 generation!  Then we have Uncle P!  He was hard at work making sure we didn't have things in the background of our pics!  He was pretty excited to meet Hagen for the first time!


Then Hagen got to meet his OTHER Great Grandma!  She thought he was pretty nifty, except when Hagen grabbed at her.  She told him that it wasn't ok to grab his grandma like that!  I think he learned a lesson :)  The best picture was when Ben was up!


Far-Mar and Far-Far took Hagen to Winona where we got to hang out with Godmother M.  We also met up with some other pretty cool friends and had dinner at Bub's, pronounced boobs!  It was good food, and Hagen had Boob and Bub's!  Classic, I know!  Then we went to Walmart to get a few necessities and Far-Far put Hagen to sleep by humming.  He was so cute all snuggled up!


Hagen had his FIRST bonfire.  And we went to Doc's and I FINALLY found the beer I've been trying to remember the name because I LOVE it!  And the last picture is of cute Hagen and his bump on his head from where mean Far-Mar (or Mar-Mar because I think it's cute) let him bump his head!  HA!

Hagen was weighed on Friday (5-25-12) and came in weighing 18 lbs. 6 oz. and 27 1/4" long.  That puts him in the 98th percentile for height and 90th for weight!  I am super thankful he is a healthy eater!  Leave a comment as to what age you think he will pass The Mr.  (We'll look back and take the "winner" out to dinner!!)  

It certainly has been a WONDERFUL trip, but like I said before we are really missing The Mr.  We wish he could be experiencing these new things together!  We are looking forward to all the many new experiences we still have yet to discover on our journey!  Thanks for checking in on us!  


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