Saturday, June 2

Hotel Awesome? Hotel gross?

As I lay here in my King size bed with Hagen dead center, so as not to roll off, I ponder if I really like hotels or not.  There is something magical about staying in a hotel.  But at the same time, you think of all the people that have stayed there, and what they have done.  It's like totally gross and totally awesome at the exact same time!  We started our trek towards Marvell today.  It was hard to say goodbye to Minnesota and our families, knowing Hagen will probably be crawling before they get to see him again.  I'm trying hard not to dwell on the missing them part and just enjoying the memories of our time together part.

OK, no deep thoughts except to share how cute Hagen is laying here sound asleep next to me holding onto his giraffe... Wish you could all crawl into our King Size bed with us and ponder if Hotels are awesome or just gross!  I'm going to think they are awesome as I fall asleep wishing The Mr. could be with us!


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