Wednesday, April 11

So the last title said Easter.. but I didn't take many pics on Easter...

Dying Easter eggs AFTER Hagen's baptism.

Like I said in the last post, we had a REALLY wonderful weekend.  M flew in on Wednesday evening, B came in Thursday LATE night, and J and I flew in on Friday afternoon.  Wednesday we also had a visitor from Andrew's hometown for the evening, so we just made dinner and stayed up talking Wednesday night.  M and Hagen had some great meet and greet time!  Thursday M, Hagen and I went to Annapolis to explore the city.  I didn't take any pictures this day... Too busy having fun I guess.  We were all zonked out by the time B joined us.

Friday, we waited for J and I to come in.  M, B, Hagen and I went to the Noon Good Friday service and soup lunch after that.  It was nice for church people to meet some of Hagen's Godparents.  The Mr. picked up the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs., and brought them back to the house.  It was so nice to finely meet my future sister-in-law.  (I'm excited to have another girl in the family since we're outnumbered by boys!!)  We loaded up 2 cars and headed towards DC.  We explored ALL of the big monuments, including Jefferson, which is a lot of walking.  We had a ton of fun, but by the end of the night we were all starving and sore from all the walking!  Here are a few pictures from our trip.
A windy afternoon, perfect for kite flying.
The capitol.
Jefferson is SOO far away, but it sure was a pretty walk around the lake.  
Hagen and his Godparents in front of Washington

See, it WAS a long walk, Hagen is tired out.

I believe we finally decided these are Ionic columns...
We had the opportunity for a family picture with so many people there to help snap the shot!
Only M went up to see Lincoln... personally my feet were shot, and Hagen was hungry (so were we...)
A beautiful shot of the moon as we rushed to walk towards dinner.

 It was a long afternoon, but it sure was fun.  It was nice to get to know J better, and a great time making new memories with each other.  Hagen won't remember this trip, but I enjoyed it.  Hopefully when he's bigger we can have an excursion with the whole gang again!

Saturday was a prep day for that night.  Meal planning, grocery shopping, cake making and just getting everyone ready.  6 people sharing a very small space is a challenge.  We had hoped to be to church super early to set up computers and just have things planned out.  We didn't.  Everything turned out in the end.  Skype calls to grandparents failed, but I think that might have happened even if we got there early.  

The first part of the service took place outside lighting candles, then we processed into the multi-purpose room for readings and reflections.  After the sermon, we processed to the entry of the sanctuary where the baptism was held.  During the sermon Hagen, B, the Mr. and I left to go get ready.  I changed his diaper and into the historic gown.  I learned that not only did Andrew wear it but so did Andrew's grandfather!  (And many aunts/uncles/siblings and cousins as well!)  It was a little tight on my big boy, but he sure looked cute in it.  And Molly had many conversations with him to prepare him for the fact that he might look like a little girl, but that he would still be really handsome!

I started to feed him but shortly after, everyone started processing in.  It was time and he wasn't done eating.  I stopped feeding him and boy did he scream!!  HE WAS MAD that I stopped feeding him.  He screamed through the beginning part of the service...  During his baptism, the Mustard Seeds (a puppet ministry at our church) helped.  I finally turned him to see the 2 puppets and he quickly quieted down.  He stared at those puppets and was super intrigued.  Yay, a non-screaming baby for his baptism.  The service was beautiful, I definitely teared up.  The Mr. and I were proud of our baby boy and having the love and support of our family and friends was a blessing. (Not only were his godparents there, but church friends, some who never attend that service even, and the Mr's military bud.)  Pastor Bill did a GREAT job with the service.  We then processed into the sanctuary for communion.  We pinned his leaf onto the new banner (first name on the NEW banner- the new design is AWESOME too!) I'll have to get a picture of that!  Being now baptized Pastor Bill could now say "Hagen, you have been sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever".  YAY!  

After the service we took pictures then went back to the multi-purpose room for a chocolate fountain, champagne and the cake I added in.  It was a great celebration indeed!  We were all exhausted by the end, but it truly was wonderful.  We then went home and decorated eggs! HAHA!

In the morning Andrew finished the egg bake, while I hid eggs and got out everyones baskets.  Once everyone was awake we had an egg hunt, then ate breakfast and got ready for church.  Church was a beautiful Easter service with beautiful flowers everywhere.  We then went home, made lunch and feasted.  M and S joined us for lunch too.  I can't believe I didn't take many pictures on Easter, especially none of Hagen in his cute Easter outfits.  M took some, so check out her facebook page to see them.  We sadly had to say goodbye to J and I and B, and then M on Monday morning.  

Our house seems too quiet now.  Hagen was exhausted from the busy weekend as he slept for 8 hours two nights in a row!  (Too bad I was up working on homework all night to enjoy those 8 hours of sleep...)  We sure wish we lived closer to family and friends, but we learn to cherish these moments and soak everything up from our time together.  

So Hagen was stretched out like an old man sound asleep on his changing pad as we were changing him.  The flash startled him and this is what we got, still pretty darn cute!  I LOVE his leg rolls!!!!!  Also, he has started to find individual fingers instead of just his WHOLE fist to suck on.  
Hope that was enough info for the people that wanted it and enough pictures!  I will get better... even though I keep saying that and then don't, but I'm really trying!


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  1. Aww-great post! Looks like you had a ton of fun!