Monday, April 9

Baptism and Easter

I just had the most WONDERFUL weekend!  We had our little guy baptized at the Easter Vigil service (which is historical in the church history).  We were lucky that all 4 of his godparents could make it out to be here for the service/celebration.  I have so much I want to say about how much it means to me/us that he is baptized, but after a very FULL weekend, and a day of catching up on homework, I want to make sure I save time for pictures for family and friends that didn't get the opportunity to join us.  I will try to get better at posting pictures and thoughts, but for now here is his baptism through pictures!

Parents, Sponsors, the Pastor and Hagen.  Hagen is wearing the same gown that dad was baptized in!

Sponsors, Hagen, and Pastor Bill!

Godmother and Godfather Zaffke

Godmother Betsy!

Godmother Molly

Proud Parents

Mark and Sarah came to celebrate too!

So did Mercer

The baptismal font.  Included is the baptismal bowl that Bekki's dad, Bekki and her siblings and their children have been baptized in.

I realized I didn't take a picture of the cake I made until after it was cut into....So there is a general idea of what it looked like...

The cross sat on top and his name when around the edge....

Like so...

"I have called you by name; you are mine."
-Isaiah 43:1


  1. Great pics! Sorry I missed it. That's so cool about the baptismal bowl! And the cake looks awesome - did you make it?

    1. Yes I made it... which is why I'm so upset I didn't get a picture of it! HAHA! I heard SOMEONE at church got one though.. now I just have to find out who and try to get it! Hope you had a good Easter!!!

  2. I am glad it went so well. HUGS

    1. Thanks! It was really a beautiful service! We are very thankful!

  3. Thank you for sharing these pictures. It means a lot to see everyone. I love the pose of Hagen where his little toes are sticking out. The baptismal gown was worn by generations in my family. I think even Andrew's grandfather and some great aunts and counsins. It was nice that he wore it. Grandma Mary (and Grandpa Lane)

    1. I didn't know that about the gown! We asked Isaac if he was baptized in it too and he didn't know! HAHA! Silly boys! I'm about to post more from the weekend so you can see those too! The baptism was just the most important to us, so we wanted to share those first! Glad you were able to be apart of the celebration through skype (for a bit) and through pictures!!! We sure did miss you being there!