Saturday, April 16

I HEART my nephew!!!

Ok, I love babies.  I have been so excited for all of my friends who have had babies.  I can't wait to have my own babies.  I Love them....

but then my nephew was born....

I have only seen pictures of him and I already can't take my eyes off him.  My husband has had to take my phone away so I stop looking at the ONE picture I was sent!  (Luckily, my sister sent me a few more now....)  Is it possible to be SOO in love with a human being I haven't even met yet?  Is it because I have known my brother his whole life, grown up with him, had him bully me, cried in middle school when another kid told me he (my brother) made a mistake in football, watched him struggle, watched him overcome, have always been SOO proud of HIM?  Then talk about my sister-in-law.... can we just take the word in-law out.  I have adored her since my brother first brought her home!  She is so strong and so kind, and so willing to listen.  So there are these two people that I care SOO deeply for that just created a baby.  Is this why I am so in love with him already (without meeting him!!)??  

It is crazy!  I think he is the cutest baby (again, only seen a few pictures...), and I just have such a connection to this little guy (I HAVEN'T EVEN MET HIM......)

Wow, I wonder what it's like to be a parent?  My brother and "sister" must be exploding with emotions for this little guy!!  Welcome to our world TD!  You are already loved by so many!  I can't wait to meet you!!


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