Monday, April 4

Who's up for a challenge?

Alright... I'm spreading the word....

I ran across an incredible blog:

about the blog

Simple Mom is a productivity blog for home managers. If we want to get things done and be fully present for all the things that are most important to us, we have to keep things simple. This blog is a catalog of the resources, tips, and lessons to make that happen.
When we find solutions for cutting everyday life clutter, we’re taking care of our family, our home, and ourselves. I believe that when Mom (Dad, too) is doing well, the whole family thrives

(Taken directly from

I fell in love at first glance!

In this blog the incredible author has started a challenge... (ok, she started it weeks ago, but I just found it!) Picking a "hot spot" as she calls it to clean/organize for the week.  She gives tips and guidelines and how to's so as not to get frustrated.  Then she has everyone link up their before and after pics.  (VERY encouraging)  Now of course, we totally missed ALL the deadlines for this, but I still want to do it!  So I thought... who wants to join me?  I'll send links to you to her site for the specific "hot spot" for the week and we'll go in the order she put them in!  Then we can share photos with each other, or just call each other and share about our progress so as to encourage each other!

I'm spreading the word now.  I HAVE HAVE HAVE to finish our wedding thank you notes before I can begin this.  But I thought I'd put the word out and get people interested!  I have at least 2 weeks without a job, so perfect time to finish up all our wonderful thank you notes (If you came to our wedding and haven't received a thank you note yet, don't fret... we are EXTREMELY grateful, and out lack of getting them out in a timely manner does not change this fact!

So who's in?  Who wants to get parts of their house clean and organized FOR GOOD!!  (Well maybe not for good but at least a good start!)
Here is some motivation... as you can see we are not at the organized stage yet... (Look in the background...)
Have a Happy Monday!!



  1. Hey girl-I just found your blog recently as it came up in my fb newsfeed. I like what you have to say, so I hope you're cool w/me following the blog. If you get the chance, check out my new blog in it's very beginning:

  2. Rachel- Thanks of course I don't mind you following! As far as your blog goes, I've already read your entries! Great thoughts! Love the idea of giving a percentage of your income directly to a good cause! I wish we could AFFORD that right now! You should consider doing this challenge with us. Taking a section of your house, a week at a time (5 weeks total) and deep cleaning that area!! We will then post pictures so everyone can be inspired by everyone else's progress! Hope everything is going well with you and Nate!

  3. Thanks Bekki! And yeah we can't really afford anything either for the next oh 20 years until school loans are paid off...what a headache! But I am all in for organizing & letting go of things, especially with our church rummage sale coming up:) Let me know when the cleaning challenge begins...