Thursday, October 20

I heart babies... soon to be our own!!!

So I'm a little behind on posts... this is a frequent occurrence I am learning.  Oh well!  Such is life!  After 3 moves in about 2 months, I am finally able to start getting SOME extracurricular activities done!  So, I thought I'd update my status!  Although I'm technically not a newlywed anymore, we are embarking on another journey together.... parenthood!

Yep, we're expecting in 3 months!  January 18th, 2012!  How exciting!  So I of course am super excited and I feel I have tons of posts to post about the pregnancy process!  Let's just say, I thought pregnancy would be easier/better than it is!  I of course am loving this stage of pregnancy where Baby Z is constantly moving!  I could stare at my belly for hours and not be bored.  But I was/am not the idilic pregnant woman I was hoping to be!  But enough of that!  Here's a photo of me at 23 weeks.
No, it's not an outie yet.... those are my non-pregnancy pants unbuttoned!
I am now 27 weeks, about to enter into the 3rd trimester!  It is crazy to love something so much already! I knew that I loved my nephew so much before I even met him, (I have now met him and love him even more!!!!!!!) but this child of OURS is so incredible!  Baby Z is going to be one loved child.  I know that pregnancy hasn't been as great as I was hoping.  I know that I'm not going to be a PERFECT parent! I know that I would hope for a lot bigger/nicer things for us and our baby, and that we can't give them.  But despite all of this.  This child is already loved more than words can describe!  And I may not be perfect, but I will love this child!  Hopefully you all will love Baby Z a little too!   


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