Tuesday, February 14

Hagen's Birth Story

So, Hagen is ONE month today.  It is crazy to think that he has been with us for a whole month.  It seems so short and yet such a long time at the exact time.  Well for all those people who would love to hear his story about how he came into the world, here it is.  If not, I'll try to at least post pictures so you can skip the words and just see the pictures!

Wednesday night the Mr. and I went to bed.  Not much had been happening on the pregnant front.  I was feeling lots of baby Z pushing on my stomach, lots of movement, but that was nothing different.  I woke up at around 2:30am (so technically Thursday morning) to pee.  Again, nothing abnormal, I was getting up multiple times a night to pee.  After I noticed there was blood.  It wasn't a ton at first, but it was enough to know it was blood. I called the Mr.  ... Let's just say I was super glad my water didn't break.  I told him about the blood.  He said I was fine and he fell back asleep!!  I called for him again and told him I needed him in the bathroom.  About 5 minutes later he stumbled in, looked at it and said, "I don't think it's that bad" and crawled BACK INTO BED!!!  I went into the bedroom and told him that I think that I should call the answering service to see if this was something to be concerned with.  So finally after about 30 minutes of calling around to find the right number to call, I got a call back and the woman said it was probably safest to go to the hospital and get it checked out.

We realized at this point that it would have been helpful to have taken the hospital tour, or registered at the hospital.  We were clueless as to where we were actually going.  After feeling like a rat in a maze, we finally got to the nurses station at Labor and Delivery and they told me I looked too comfortable to be there.  But when I told them about the blood the said it was probably safest for me to come in and get checked out.  They took me into the triage room, and as I was putting on the gown realized I was bleeding more so finally stopped feeling stupid for going to the hospital.  They hooked me up to the monitors and told me that I was having regular contractions every 5-6 minutes apart!  I laughed!  I FINALLY knew what a contraction felt like.  They had been asking me if I had been having contractions, but nothing hurt so I didn't think I had them yet. Now that I knew what it felt like, I was like yeah, I've been feeling those for a couple days now.  I had just thought it was Baby Z moving more forcefully!  Unfortunately I was only 1 cm dilated so they sent me home.

Thursday a friend came over while the Mr. went to work.  I had fairly regular contractions all day, but they still were not painful.  Just a tightening sensation.  I thought to myself, I can TOTALLY handle the pain of labor if this is what contractions are!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  I will NEVER think that again!  That night the Mr. and I went to Target to walk around.  We timed my contractions and they were becoming 4-5 minutes apart with the occasional 3 minute time span.  They still were fairly comfortable. I think the worst got up to a 3 on the pain scale.  (Although at the time I said a couple got to a 4... I soon felt a 4, they were not 4's!!  Only 3's!)

Pre-Epidural... still smiling between contractions!
Friday I had my regularly scheduled Dr. appt. at 10:00am.  They checked me out and I was still only 1 cm. dilated.  Talk about frustrating!  I figured I HAD to have gained some ground as my contractions were becoming more frequent!  The Dr. told me that Baby Z's head was really low and she wouldn't be surprised if he came by that night!  Here was to hoping!  We were wanting to have a baby born on Daddy's birthdate of a Friday the 13th.  (Different months of course!)  Friday my contractions continued to gain strength.  Around 5pm they were getting hard to talk through, so I decided to start timing and writing things down.  They were about 3-4 minutes apart and getting stronger every contraction.  At about 10:00pm I decided that it would probably be best to go to the hospital as I thought my labor was moving along quite nicely.

This time I got a wheel chair ride up to labor and delivery.  (I must have looked like I was in labor this time!)  After getting all connected up, they checked me and I was ONLY 3 CM DILATED!  I wanted to scream!  They told me I was in active labor so had a couple of choices.  The nurse gave me her opinion that since I was trying to go sans pain medicine, it would be more comfortable to labor from home some more: my own shower, no wires hooked up to me, my own food, comfy clothes, etc. I figured this would be perfect since my mom's flight landed at 11:00pm.  We left the hospital, picked my mom up at the airport and went out to eat at Applebee's.  I was having pretty frequent/painful contractions, and just had to breath through them.  Needless to say, I didn't eat much and I'm sure the waiter thought I was crazy!  We went back home and I tried to get comfortable.  HAHA!!  Contractions and comfortable are not two words that are used together, and now I know why!  We tried the shower, we tried different positions, I tried to sleep... The last was least successful! Around 2:00am, they were getting really unbearable, and 2-3 minutes apart so I figured I had dilated more so should be safe to go to the hospital, as I was afraid of having the baby at home!  (Hindsight, I would have stayed at home a few more hours!!)
Trying to walk to help with contractions. Obviously still pre-epidural.

Now when people talk about contractions, I thought they were just in your belly!  I figured I could handle it!  NOT TRUE!  Contractions are felt from your shoulders to your knees!  Front AND Back!  WOW!  I always thought people on labor shows on TV were just exaggerating and making more of a scene than necessary!  Maybe true, but I now know the pain is VERY real and VERY painful!

I got to the hospital and we made bets at how far dilated I was.  I figured it had to be at least a 6, probably more like a 7.  I WAS 3.5!!!!!!!!!!!!  ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  This time though they didn't give me an option of going home.  They figured I would dilate much faster now, as they could see my contractions were stronger and consistent, and close together! (Again, hindsight, I could have gone home again!)


The labor and delivery room... I think I'm actually napping in this picture.
They told me to try to rest.  Try to rest??? How could I?  I was so uncomfortable.  They talked with me about a pain medication that they could give me through IV that would help to take the edge off and help me sleep, but it would only be temporary.  At this point, the sleep sounded fantastic!  So I took it. I thought it will wear off and I'll have finished dilating and be able to push!


I got SOME sleep!  But by now the medicine was wearing off!  They checked me.  4 CM!!!!  AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So they decided to break my water.


New Doctors and nurses, it was time for the shift!  My wonderful nurse Regina came in.

New Doctor checked me after the breaking of my water!  I hadn't changed!  STILL 4CM!!!!!

9:30AM, I could not handle my contractions.  I was doing fine thinking that I'd only have to endure X amount more, but knowing that I WASN'T DILATING, and that this was going to go on for what seemed like forever, I knew I was going to be too exhausted at the end.  I was afraid I wouldn't have any energy left to push, so I decided that I needed an epidural.  Luckily I had been in long enough that I had almost finished off my first IV bag of fluids so they could get the anesthesiologist in pretty quickly.

10:00AM- The epidural was not working.  I had to wait 20 minutes every time and keep pushing the button for more.  My nurse was concerned that I was still feeling them.  AWESOME!  I mean, it took the edge off, but they were still quite uncomfortable.


I got some sleep here and there.  The Dr. checked I was 6CM now.  WOOHOO!!  Unfortunately Baby Z was looking up which was why I wasn't dilating very quickly.  So we worked hard the next couple hours to turn Baby Z's head!  Leg up on a table, laying on my stomach... ALL very uncomfortable.  The Doctor told me it was usually an hour a CM at this point, so would be having a baby very soon!



At this point, I was so tired, uncomfortable (back labor had hit me full force and the epidural was NOT touching that pain!)  I looked at the Mr. crying and said, I can't keep doing this.  This is not how I pictured labor.  It was moving along SOOO SLOWLY!


I WAS FINALLY 9/10 CM dilated.  I would be able to push soon!  So they started prepping everything for delivery.  I was so excited when they told me this I started crying tears of joy!

Now the next half hour is kind of a blur, but here are things I remembering happening:
-catheter removed so I could push
-throwing up TONS (my question is what did I have to throw up? It had been 18 hours since I had eaten anything)
-The nurse told me I could start pushing, so I did.
-The doctor finally came in
-On my first push I could already see Baby Z's head!!

Apparently my contractions were really long, but also farther spaced apart.  Normal is 3 pushes of 10 sec  each during a contraction.  I could get 4-6 pushes in.  This meant though that I made great progress during each contraction, but I lost more ground than usual between contractions.  But all I knew was I wanted to FINALLY meet this baby, so I pushed as hard as I could... Even though I couldn't feel anything down below.  I could feel my back labor still, so could at least tell when my contractions were happening, so knew when to push.


It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Can you believe he is OURS??"

I was so happy to finally be holding Hagen. To give him his name. To kiss him. To hear him. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!  The staff was awesome. I got to hold him for a long time before they took him away to measure him, weigh him and clean him. As soon as I got him back, I asked if I was allowed to feed him. They told me he was my son and if I wanted to I could. I remember having no idea what to do, but I loved that he and I got to figure it out together! He was actually amazing and pretty much latched on right away, and I only had to do a bit of prodding.  I feel blessed that breast feeding worked for both of us, as I have heard of so many struggle stories!

And now for a WHOLE series of pictures!!

Still not able to get enough of him minutes after he was born!

Hagen Lane
January 14, 2012
6:25 PM
8lbs. 7 oz.
21 in. long (although they said 19 at the hospital, but 2 days later he was 21 1/4", and the pediatrician didn't believe he was 19!)

The doctor and nurse: AMAZING!!!
Once we got to the 9/10 cm stage, we made our guesses!  Dad was RIGHT on for time.  Glad Grandma's time didn't win!  HA!

After the choas of delivery, cleaning him up, being sewn up (I AM thankful I had the epidural as I did quite a bit of tearing both internal and external!) and everything else that went on that I was kind of clueless to, as I was holding/nursing my baby boy, they had to take Hagen to the nursery.  After he was gone, we got all packed up and the wheeled me to the maternity ward.  Not going to lie... that first night did NOT have a good first impression of the staff. 
Mark, Sarah, and Dana... Hagen's first visitors!  YAY!  Young adult bible study!

Sunday was a big day.  We had visitors, and pictures, and A SHOWER for mom after getting my IV out!  Wish they had been in reverse order but, oh well....

Monday Jan. 16th, we got to go home!  What an exciting adventure!
Kittlesby so excited to see what this new moving creature is! 
So, that is our story.  We'll get to more later!!  Happy Valentines day to all our friends and family!  We can't wait for everyone who hasn't met Hagen yet to finally meet him, and for those who have to get to know him more!  He's growing so much every day!  I'll try to post something weekly on here so everyone who WANTS can keep updated.


  1. So cool Bekki! He's here and healthy, praise God! Even better was that your mom was able to be there with you. So glad to hear all is well.

    1. Thanks!! We feel very blessed that God gave him to us!! I was so thankful my mom made it in time!! Hope you and your beautiful "baby" are doing well!

  2. Keep posting! Wish we were closer. Love, Aunt Kathryn

    1. Wish we lived closer too!! I am going to try really hard to keep this up-to-date, unlike my past attempts!

  3. Love the story Bekki! I read it while eating dinner. =) Congratulations to you both & so glad to hear he's a very healthy boy. Yay that your mom was there!! Miss you! -Briehn

    1. HAHA!!! You made my night that you read this while eating dinner!!! Can't wait for you to meet him!