Sunday, January 29

Superbowl Time!!

Am I a terrible mother... nah... but should my first post of the new year be about our beautiful baby boy? YES!!  But do I have so much to say that I don't know where to start? YES! Also are all pictures of this sweet boy on my phone or the Mr's computer? Another yes. So what is a logical place to start... well of course thinking about this years superbowl cupcakes!  

Here is the finished aerial view
I have decided that this is going to be our annual tradition; the Mr. and I make our fancy cupcakes!  Now, I am NOT a professional baker, however I sure enjoy being creative, baking them as well as decorating them.  I hope to perfect these so that they A) don't take a day and a half to complete B) I bake them enough that I can memorize the recipe and C) (the most important) start to actually look like someone who is good at decorating sweets!!  

So how can I do that? Well I learned a few things from last year... some things that I did RIGHT and some that I did wrong.  Here is a picture of what I did right... making LOTS of extra face mask pieces!  They break really easily trying to get them into the cupcake, so extras are GOOD!  

Here is a picture of the process being made on the logos.  I used whole melting chips and used a knife to shave them into the size I wanted.  This year... I will use the same process as the helmet bars, melt them into the shape I want!  Last year they were TOO thick (didn't stick well to the helmets) and it took way too long to shave them into the right shape!
 In my opinion, they did look pretty sweet though...

 Last year I used a box mix for the cupcakes.  Although they tasted delicious, I have been working on using a real recipe and think I have found some that I like.  We also bought donuts for the helmets.  I just put them on whole last year.  This year I may shave off the front to look more helmet like.

Here is them after being dipped in the slightly melted frosting to give it the shiny helmet look!
 Although the goal post wasn't very smooth last year, I haven't figured out a way to perfect it, so it will probably be the same this year!

 A close up of the helmets shows my lack of skills, but for a first attempt I don't feel so bad... But I think my improvements this year will really help!
 And some more shots to see the final outcome!  I need to work on presentation a bit more too, but this pan was all I had at the time.  Not sure much will change this year in that, but it is something to think about for the next year!

So although most people think about the chips and salsa, the beer, the wings (Which don't get me wrong, I still want those too) I think about cupcakes!  Happy Super Bowl XLVI!!!  

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