Tuesday, November 12

No deep thoughts, just ONE photo!

No deep thoughts.  Just a photo.  ONE!

Well I think the photo explains itself.  I'm thankful I'm finally slowing down.  I was looking about 10 weeks ahead of where I was from last pregnancy.  Now I'm only 4 weeks ahead!  I am happy however I look though because it is truly a miracle what our body goes through!  I was a little worried that at the rate I was going I was going to be HUGE by the time I delivered!  I do think it's interesting to see the differences wearing the same shirt!  It's hard to believe that the "little" guy in the photo on the right was the one in my belly on the left!  Hard to imagine another beautiful baby boy gracing our world with as much love and joy as Hagen!  I could only believe it so much with Hagen too, so I know it's going to blow my mind!!!  

Ok, well no more thoughts!  Enjoy the comparison Dorcy!!  (Since you're one of the few people who enjoys reading this!!)  I love you

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