Friday, March 9

Cakes and cupcakes!

 I finally figured out how to get photos off of my phone and onto my computer.  So now I feel like I have to catch up with photo posts.  Let's start with my baking attempts.  Lessons learned:

1) Baking with an infant slows you down.
2) Baking with an infant "good enough" is a great phrase to memorize.
3) Baking with an infant is a GREAT way to feel like a true homemaker!
4) Baking with an infant makes you feel like you're not a great homemaker!  HAHA!!
 Lessons learned with making this years Super Bowl cupcakes.
-Leave yourself more than 3 hours from start to finish when last year it took two people ALL day!
-Taking breaks during your 3 hours to breastfeed slows you down.
-From my last lesson learned, I had to just say "good enough" and be done!

They sure did taste good.  And everyone blames the fact that the Patriots logo was backwards as to why they lost.  Sorry to you Patriot fans!

 After finding this beautiful cake on IamBaker blog, I had to do a trial run.  I am thinking of making this for Hagen's baptism.  I learned that I need more frosting and to line up my two layers of cake.  Also, I need to find a bigger star tip for it to look more like the "Pro".  But again the cake tasted good and I learned lessons.  Practice makes perfect!

Hope your Friday is just as sweet!!


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