Monday, October 15

Pictre Update

So hopefully some of you are reading my blogs at the website. There I keep weekly reflections of things that I am learning and things that God is showing me. Because of it though I haven't actually spent some time updating this one! So I'm going to kind of do a picture update....

This is our beautiful home that the 5 of us live in. It is the parsonage
to the United Methodist Church.

This is the damage that I did to the car port at the church with the
Lexa God's Kids bus. I also broke off the emergency hatch on the bus!
It's all fixed up now!!

This is a beautiful flower. I was told the name, but I already forgot!
But it grows wild in a lot of places!

This is my team in a cotton field. I now know a lot about the cotton process.
If you want to know, I would love to share!
L to R: Nate, Tiffany, Jody, Myself and Rachel

This is at the Blues Festival in Helena! Pretty exciting! Lots of GREAT music!

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